Emily Atack: ‘I’m a bit of a scruff, so wearing a uniform was really fun’

Emily Atack: ‘I’m a bit of a scruff, so wearing a uniform was really fun’

I never usually get to wear anything like this. I was playing an ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) girl in the 2016 film adaptation of Dad’s Army and wearing their classic uniform with a nice blonde wig – it was really fun. With a film like that, there’s always so much pressure on the costume designers to get it right and be respectful. The work that goes into it is unbelievable. There was this pair of khaki trousers with a light-green shirt tucked in, covered by a khaki jacket that matched the trousers. I had to have the particular socks that they wore, and these massive big, blokey boots. You couldn’t wear the hat any old way; it had to be at a certain tilt.

I am so used to wearing skimpy little skirts and being dressed up like a doll, so it was actually really nice to dress in something so comfortable. It might be a little bit less flattering, but it was nice and warm – and I was quite grateful for it because it was freezing on set.

Usually, I like to keep on top of the trends but without being too “out there” – I play it fairly safe when it comes to fashion. I am quite curvy, so I like wearing clothes that show that off, but I am a bit of a scruff away from work and the red carpet. I always say to myself: “I’m going to go for a vintage look now. I’m going to put a headscarf on and wear red lipstick all the time.” But I’m too lazy. I always revert back to being comfy.

I was really fretting about being bare-faced when I went on I’m A Celebrity … I thought you were allowed to take at least one item of makeup in there, but you’re just not. When I learned that, I thought: “Right, I either have a full breakdown about it or I just embrace it, get my freckles out and enjoy my time in the jungle.” I had to leave all my insecurities at the door, and I did. Something like that really exposes you, but it made me realise I am more comfortable in my own skin than I thought I was.